PacTS4ALL Project

Pact for Tourism Skills Forward Alliance

The project PacTS4ALL provides the resources for the sustainable and operative governance for the Large-Scale Partnerships (LSP) Tourism, its overall visibility and implementation. The analysis of the current status of the LSP clarified the precariousness of the current arrangements. The project will strengthen the LSP through clear guidelines for coordination and management, which have already proved to be efficient so far, and a sound strategy for the sustainable development of the LSP. It will also include a component for the growth at the national and regional level of the Skills Partnerships (NRSPs) as practical implementation on the ground of the objectives of the LSP.

Driving Engagement and Visibility for PacTS4ALL

Coordinating Actions for European Tourism Skills Development

Different activities will support the objectives of PacTS4ALL. We have foreseen a series of coordination activities to engage signatories of the Pact for Skills for the Tourism Ecosystem, as well as other stakeholders. This European initiative will be able to count on a portfolio of actions that will increase the visibility of the PfS and the LSP at international level. All of the objectives of the LSP will be translated on the ground through the promotion of NRSPs. The project will thus engage with the European Tourism Ecosystem as a whole. Meetings will be held at all levels of governance with policymakers, social partners and businesses active in the industry as well as educational providers. These are in fact key actors that will be invited to promote and support the local Skills Partnerships. In terms of impact, the scope of the LSP is in fact far and wide, as these objectives have already been proposed and discussed by the audience of the PfS during all the 9 Coordination Meetings held so far.

Within the context of the project, we aim to participate in at least 3 International Fairs, organise 2 International Conferences complemented by 5 regional events and a variety of bilateral meetings with stakeholders; these actions will ensure a personal contact with at least 800 leading stakeholders across Europe.


Coordination of the Pact for Skills in Tourism LSP

Cooperation systems improvement at European, national and regional level

Implementation of the LSP results on the ground


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The European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training (EVBB) is a non-profit network of over 390 vocational schools, universities, and private organizations dedicated to promoting high-quality education and vocational training. For over 30 years, we have been working to create an active and employable workforce, fostering professional development across Europe, Africa, and Asia.

EVBB collaborates with institutional partners, participates in numerous events and workshops, and engages in international cooperation projects funded by organizations like the European Commission. Our mission is to advance vocational training globally, making it a force for societal strength and resilience.

Rural Tour

Ruraltour – The European Federation of Rural Tourism with 28 professional organisations from 24 countries, plus 4 affiliated members in 4 countries of Central Asia, covers the target group (rural accommodation and related services) across Europe with about 5-600.000 micro-enterprises. Given the transversal character of this sector, the objectives of Rural Tour are wide-spread and include amongst others professional training, research, and product development.

The European Federation of Rural Tourism offers the unique opportunity for an authentic rural holiday experience. Bed&Breakfast or self-catering in private homes and farms, small family-run rural hotels and guesthouses, home-made meals, or active tourism: all stand for the authentic rural, country, and farm tourism experience in Europe under the quality label of Ruraltour.


The Institute of Vocational Training AKMI, excels in professional education with a strong European focus. Recognized as one of the 7 best schools in Europe and the most innovative VET in 2022, it offers top-level studies that blend knowledge, technology, and practice. As the first Greek VET member of the EVBB and holding the Vice-Presidency since 2021, AKMI maintains modern campuses, a distinguished faculty, and a network of 5,500 partner companies. Committed to social responsibility, it nurtures students’ professional and civic growth.


Hotel Institution for Technology, (Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero, ITH) is a hospitality and tourism innovation centre, whose mission is to improve the sector’s competitiveness through innovation and technology. ITH is a national, private, non-profit organization, founded in 2004, based in Madrid, attached to Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodations (Confederación Española de Hoteles y Alojamientos Turísticos, CEHAT), the Spanish hospitality employers’ association that represents 15,000 accommodations and 1,800,000 beds, and gathers 51 local, provincial and regional organizations throughout the country.

ITH fosters innovation by promoting the adoption of new technologies and management systems, and facilitates access to cutting-edge tools sharing useful information, providing professional training and developing projects, in order to improve hospitality and tourism industry’s profitability, quality, efficiency and sustainability. ITH works for the best interest of hoteliers, seeking simple, practical solutions to optimize their performance in hotel management key areas -such as environmental and energy efficiency, IT and operations; and providing qualified information to enable the sector to gain knowledge about the tourism market.


Federturismo Confindustria, the Italian Federation for Travel and Tourism, serves as a representative body for companies operating across various segments of the tourism industry in Italy.
It belongs to the Confindustria system and currently includes 23 sector associations, 5 company members (directly associated) and several local associations.
Members include all the major players in the market and in some case 100% of the companies in the business areas.

Core Members are: Hotels (all major players), Villages and resorts (all major players)
Campings outdoors, Tour operator and travel agents (all major players), Managing group of the 2 airports of Milano providing all services and related activities, Thermal resorts (100% of the business), Convention centers, Transportation and car rentals (all major players), Sailing (all major players), Marinas, Beach resorts, Amusement and theme parks (all major players), Travel retail and duty-free enterprises, Ski lift operators (100% of the business), Entertainment, Airline Catering.

By representing companies and their values at institutions of all levels, Federturismo aims at contributing to the country’s economic growth with the tourism business, and since its foundation it is a benchmark for a main part of Italian tourist economic system and from this standpoint guarantees diversified and modern services to its members. As a federation it supports recent policy developments of a long-term tourism strategy that places economic, competitiveness and sustainability issues at the heart of Italian tourism policy. Moreover the federation aims to a more internationalized Italian tourism industry and to an integrated and coordinated promotion of Italy as a tourist destination.

Beyond due to its experience in the field of research, analysis and the diffusion at national level concerning relevant data it is able to join work demand and work offer, and it officially represents the tourism industry in labour relations.